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Nonprofit Planning

The primary purpose of any nonprofit organization is to promote, support, and enrich public purposes.  The public, served by any given nonprofit, can be limited to a local community or it can include the world’s population.  The purposes for which any given nonprofit is established can range from grant-making for educational purposes, to supporting a local baseball league, to reducing world hunger.  The organizational structure of any given nonprofit can range from private foundations, to nonprofit corporations, to charitable trusts.  These organizations are important because they advance the public’s interest without focusing on private interests or financial gain.  Understandably, nonprofits are an important component of our local community, the state of Montana, our Nation, and our world. 

With a bulk of nonprofit work being performed by volunteers, it can be difficult to navigate the complex legal, operational, and tax requirements of running a nonprofit and complying with the tax-exempt requirements.  The legal practice of nonprofit law is intended to assist future nonprofits and current nonprofits with formation, applications for tax-exempt status, governance, documentation, dissolutions, and mergers. 

If your nonprofit has questions, contact the nonprofit law attorneys at Bryan Law Firm, P.C. today for a consultation.

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